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What does Health & Wellbeing mean to Travel with a Twist™ ?


We love Health and Wellbeing as it promotes a better healthier lifestyle for our travellers resulting in a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that achieves that overall feeling of well-being.


Let's face it, we all live a fairly crazy lifestyle, we’re time poor and overworked.  It's time we take a step back and really start to enjoy and do things that make us feel happy.


I know from personal experience,  I love nothing more than to take any opportunity to create a healthier balanced lifestyle for myself. Which is how I meet the wonderful Januta Ribinskas, we just clicked instantly and I  just knew she was a perfect addition to the Twist family and I had to get her on-board.



I'd like to introduce you to our Wellbeing Expert Januta Ribinskas

Januta Ribinskas offers over 25 years’ experience in the Health & Wellbeing Industry.


As a result of a long-term vision and journey, discovering self-empowering wisdom, knowledge and techniques, Januta has for the past 14-years enhanced the quality and sustainable performance of individuals and business towards success on all levels.


Januta is passionate about what she does and is grateful for the life and awareness she has created and especially making a positive difference in the lives of people she touches and adding to world peace for mankind.


She delivers the “Empower Your Life, Master Class Series" of personal development workshops, organises international  Wellbeing retreats and teaches her personally developed ”The Knowing Flow"® Vinyasa Yoga Sequences, Mindfulness, Meditation and her renowned Transformational Breathing Programs.


Januta started Yoga Concepts over 14 years ago along with Executive Wellbeing for the corporate market.


Januta is regularly invited to speak and present for various events and conferences, features in the media, and as a writer for magazines and online health and lifestyle publications.


On a personal level Januta loves to spend time with family and friends as well as in nature and to write.  Januta also loves to travel and experience other amazing cultures, that's why she has partnered with us here at Travel with a Twist and combined her lifestyle and work so everyone can unfold in new environments and take their lives into are more positive balanced model of living!!!

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'Mauritius Mindfulness Retreat'
'Transformational Breathing Teacher Certification Retreat '
Join Januta on her wellness retreats (click pics below):
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