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Just released for 2019, one of the many amazing Travel Experience's the Club has to offer - Take a Look 

Join the Twist Club on an unforgettable journey through exciting places most travellers dare not to tread on their own!


For many years now, I've been asked the same question,  ‘Romina, when are you going to put a travel club together ...

I dislike travelling on my own... it would be fun to meet new people…’


Well, here it is.


We want you to leave the ‘ordinary behind’, The Twist Club invites you to be adventurous, explore the world in a relaxed, friendly like-minded environment while having a fabulous time. It's not about being a solo traveller and, it's certainly no longer an excuse to stay home just because you have no one to travel with. It's about being free.

Personally escorted by “Me“ of course, we will travel in small intimate groups and visit some of the most amazing places on earth. Meet the locals and experience life through their eyes while making lifelong friends.

So grab a buddy or come alone the choice is yours.

We'd love to see you on one of our fabulous tours!

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