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A spontaneous decision to visit Victoria’s High Country and it blew me away!

As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in 2018, I reminisce back to all my incredible travel adventures I've had the to opportunity to see. Owning a travel business certainly has its perks and I love the exciting feeling of hopping on a plane that’s taking me to my next destination.

Normally around the December break I’ll map out a mini break and off I’ll go. But, this time after a couple of full on months leading up to Christmas, I decided to just chill and bum around the house..

I rang in the New Year with all the usual festivities and afterwards the weather in Melbourne was fabulous and I was feeling extremely energized to take on the world. I received a phone call from the bestie (in Canberra) who I hadn't seen in ages, she’d been invited to a work function in Albury and thought it the perfect meeting point for both of us to catch up.

ALBURY! I replied (happy to be her plus one) GREAT I love a good road trip!

Packed an overnight bag, 3.5 Hours full of singalong tunes and off I went from Melbourne straight up the National Highway.

Albury was a blast, met some incredible people and spent some much needed quality time with my bestie. Monday morning we said our goodbyes packed the bag and off I went again back to Melbourne. An hour into the drive I realised I’d never really stopped to explore Victoria's high country which is CRAZY given its in my own backyard!

I saw the turn off sign to Glenrowan (in the heart of Ned Kelly Country), how cool I was now making a spontaneous pitstop as I had always wanted to check out the museum and wander around.