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WARNING Don't book your next holiday before reading this!

Looking forward to a holiday, planning it and being there creating experiences and memories is all about happiness. The more we are immersed in the experience the higher the happiness factor. In this super fast post-modern age, the solid anchor to the immersion holiday experience is the secret weapon PTA. Like the A list movie stars who have guaranteed 5 star experiences you can get yourself a personal travel adviser, and here’s the secret to why you should and how to do it!

We all have the basics. We know how to hop online and make bookings. For day to day activities, this is usually enough to get by comfortably. But we go on holiday to enjoy experiences that are different to our day to day lives. We all have diverse interests, so we may want to experience being pampered, immerse ourselves in culture, find the best shopping areas, enjoy fine dining - the list is endless.

The first thing to know is that holidays are different to daily life and there is a serious cost to getting it wrong. What if you travelled halfway around the world and missed out on some of the amazing experiences while you are there just because nobody told you about them or introduced you to the secret wonders of that destination (no I don’t mean the crowded tourist spots). It takes local knowledge and connections to turn a run of the mill holiday into a once in a lifetime experience.

Here’s some proof. Consider the London Caper making headlines in holiday circles - two unrelated groups of four friends booked holidays to London at the same time. Red Group take care of things themselves and spend $8000 a head for return flights, accommodation, meals and activities. They stay up all night booking everything online through a discount travel site.

Gold Group allocate $8776 a head which also includes return flights, accommodation, meals and activities. However, they have chosen to book through a very well connected Personal Travel Adviser.