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India is a country that continues to fascinate: a nation with a population of 1.21 billion, a land of contradictions.

The majestic palaces and forts from a different era evoke the sensation that time has stood still, while on the other hand, India is replete with contemporary international bars and restaurants. A deeply religious nation brimming with the traditions of myriad cultures, India offers dozens of cuisines. Over 50% of the population are practising vegetarians, meaning herbivores have plenty to choose from.

Flavours change depending on the part of the country: try the bhindi, okra with potatoes, or travel down south to try an idli sambhar - steamed rice in a tomato and vegetable lentil soup. Meat eaters will enjoy the flavours of Mughal and Punjabi food, including kebabs, and incredible goat masala.

Boutique travel group Travel with a Twist™, working with Beacon Holidays, has designed a unique Indian food experience that ensures you’re not just a tourist in a foreign land. Join celebrity food blogger Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal in a journey of discovery showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the Indian countryside through one of the greatest contributions to the gastronomic world - spices.

The cuisine of India and the world of spices share a symbiotic relationship. From the saffron scented platters of Kashmir in the North, to the pepper infused dishes of Kerala in the South, from the opulent banquets of Rajasthan in the West, to the mustard scented fish dishes of the East, the dishes of every region and every community in India is based on signature spices and spice combinations. India is a land in which spices permeate everything.

But handfuls of spices are not tossed into food arbitrarily; their use is far more subtle. Whether it’s doled out in generous pinches at street food stalls all of the country, or sprinkled delicately from compact little spice boxes at home, the use of spices in Indian cuisine is as judicious today as it was with the spices were first used as currency during the age of the spice trade. But much of the best of India's vast and incredibly diverse cuisine is hidden from the visitor’s eyes in home kitchens, and blink-and-you-will-miss-it street corners across the country.

Explore and experience India like never before with a trip along the ‘road less eaten’, discovering India’s famous markets, and cooking at home with locals. Learn to cook a biryani from scratch, or join asn excursion through the spice plantations and even pluck your own spices.

Join Travel with a Twist on a journey you will never forget! EndFragment

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