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A hidden jewel tucked away 45 minutes from Rome

Picture yourself immersed in the Italian culture you’re living it, breathing it, surrounded by ancient history and the food & wine transforms you to another place in time. See the real Italy through the eyes of a local and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Exclusive to Travel with a Twist™

Having travelled the world extensively I had the wonderful opportunity to live abroad in Italy (Rome) for many years learning the language, experiencing the culture and making wonderful lifelong friends. Along my journey, I discovered towns hidden away from the normal tourist routes that were for me, so captivating I began to explore central Italy in more detail.

Returning to Melbourne many friends and clients would often ask the same question “Why don’t you design something special to showcase the area”.

I want to share with you a little hidden jewel tucked away 45 minutes from Rome by train. This amazing town called Olevano Romano is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a romantic or mini getaway, something a little more adventurous with great food and wine, then Olevano Romano is the place for you.

The Town

The Village has retained an almost intact medieval appearance with most of the houses and buildings dating from between the 14th and 15th Centuries. The town became fashionable as an artist’s retreat in the 16th and 17th century attracting many artists from Germany, France, Britain and Russia. Today the town still houses the villas of the German Arts Academy used for visiting students and there is also an active Danish Community for Artists in the summer.

Olevano Romano has a flourishing wine trade producing the well-known “Cesanese” red wine, from one of the oldest wineries in Italy. Wine festivals are held every year around August / September. A popular destination for its fine cuisine even the locals from Rome will make a special visit.

While staying in your very own private apartment you can practice your Italian with the local villagers who love to stop you in the street for a chat.

My familiarity with the area will bring you that added “Twist” and take you off the beaten track. You can mix and match day trips developed by our experienced guides’ or just sit back and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

What makes this town and apartment different and stand out from the many tours to Italy is this tour cannot be "bought off the shelf". This is specially designed and tailored for you by Travel with a Twist™

Your Guides

Exclusive and personally guided by Australian-born Valerio Borghese and his Russian wife Elena Borghese. Valerio, is a descendant from the old noble Borghese family and has been a resident of Rome for over 20 years. The Borghese’s bring to Travel with a Twist™ an unforgettable experience, a wealth of knowledge and a fascinating personal insight into the history of the Borghese Family.

You’re buying a once in a lifetime experience and I guarantee, you’ll be talking about it for years to come!



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