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'walking the gorgeous streets of Trulli - Italy'

So you might be asking yourself, what exactly is an Artisan Travel Experience?

'Artisan' is hand crafted, high quality and usually a one of a kind. 

I'll take you on an amazing journey, handcrafted by me,  and one of a kind tailored specifically to you.

I take something that would otherwise be mainstream and make it extraordinary. I don’t just take you through the front door, but I’ll also take you through the backstreets, you’ll see what the locals see, you’ll experience their culture, their history and uncover the hidden jewels of that destination.


It’s not just a ‘brochure’ package, it’s so much more. The majority of our experiences can’t be bought off the shelf.

The key to my success is ‘listening’. I’ll dissect your likes and dislikes, you could be a well-experienced traveller or a first-timer, I’ll use your passions and what makes you tick to build that out of the ordinary travel experience for you.


The twist is my unbelievable connections all around the world, my travel knowledge and my creative thinking that allows me to make magic happen for you.


Here are just a few extraordinary destinations to tantalise your palate….

'up close and personal in Thailand'


  • An Arabian adventure in Oman

  • Sailing the incredible Amalfi coast and enjoying the warmest hospitality

  • Floating in the salts of the Dead Sea

  • Exclusive camping in Arnhem Land with full access to restricted Australian Heritage areas

  • Flying over Antarctica and seeing the first sunrise of the New Year

  • Coming face to face with the ‘endangered’ Gorillas of the Cong


You really are leaving the ordinary behind!

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