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Travel with a Twist™ is proud to present our exclusive access to ancient health and healing treatments dating back to the Roman Era


Experience how the Roman emperors spent their lavish days pampering themselves with the tantalising thermal waters.


The locals have been coming here for centuries....


If you really want to experience something extraordinary and, unique then you really need to try the mineral spas of Terme di Sirmione. The most famous thermal spa centres in Italy.


It's famous for its rich combination of history, natural beauty and art.


Terme di Sirmione has two Thermal Health Centres and a Thermal Wellness Centre.

These mineral waters are packed full of sulphur, bromine and iodine and are the core of what makes this area the best supporting internal and external health treatments in the world.


The known therapeutic benefits include:


Diseases of upper and lower airways

Rheumatic diseases

Motor rehabilitation

Vascular diseases

Dermatological diseases

Gynecological diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases


We recommend that you allow 10 days which include 7 days to experience the health treatments and 3 days to explore the surrounding beauty.

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