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We all love food!!


Whether you’re a professional chef or an aficionado of gourmet or provincial cuisine, we want your experience to be authentic, so I’ve introduced to the Twist family, “Gastronomical Experiences with a Twist”


So, let's get in there and get our hands dirty making Nonna’s homemade gnocchi. Let's eat and drink our way through some of the best locally sourced off the tourist map, “Oh my God this is so good”, foodie affair.


Throughout the tours we design for you, you’ll dine in small, unique and exclusive authentic restaurants frequented by the locals, and guaranteed to give you a true reflection of the region.


You’ll learn hands-on cooking techniques, family recipes passed down from generation to generations while we tantalise your palate!


We are different and stand out from other culinary tours because it is not just a brochure package, it’s so much more.

So, come on, join us you only live once!

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