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'come with me on one of my Italian Experiences of a lifetime'

As an Australian born to Italian parents, I passionately hold two flags.

Building amazing Italian Travel Experiences for my clients is one of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of my role.


Having travelled the world extensively, I have had the fantastic opportunity to live abroad in Italy (Rome) for a few years, speaking the language, experiencing the culture and making wonderful lifelong friends.Throughout my journey, I discovered towns hidden away from the usual tourist routes that were for me, so captivating I began to explore the back roads of Italy in more detail.


Take a look at these three amazing Italy Experiences as an example of what you could enjoy (click the photo for more info):


'your own apartment and amazing local guides in Olevano'
'an amazing Italy food lovers experience with a twist'
'the incredible healing powers of Ceasars ancient thermal spas'
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