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Travel with a Twist™ is proud to present our exclusive access to your very own 16th century private apartment in Olevano Romano

I want to share with you a little-hidden jewel tucked away 45 minutes from Rome by train. This amazing town called Olevano Romano is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for a romantic or mini getaway, something a little more adventurous with great food and wine, then Olevano Romano is the place for you.


The Town


The Village has retained an almost intact medieval appearance with most of the houses and buildings dating from between the 14th and 15th Centuries. The town became fashionable as an artist’s retreat in the 16th and 17th century attracting many artists from Germany, France, Britain and Russia. Today the town still houses the villas of the German Arts Academy used for visiting students and there is also an active Danish Community for Artists in the summer.



Your Guides


Exclusive and personally guided by Australian-born Valerio Borghese and his Russian wife Elena Borghese, Valerio is a descendant of the old noble Borghese family and has been a resident of Rome for over 20 years. The Borghese’s bring to Travel with a Twist™ an unforgettable experience, a wealth of knowledge and a fascinating personal insight into the history of the Borghese Family.


You’re buying a once in a lifetime experience and I guarantee, you’ll be talking about it for years to come.


Your Very Own Private Apartment


Located in the heart of the ‘old centre’, this second-floor 16th century renovated apartment building overlooks the church of Santa Margherita.

The apartment has spectacular views over the Sacco Valley towards Rome and is sunny and airy.



  • One double bedroom

  • Living room with lounge that folds out to 2 single beds (trundle)

  • Functioning kitchen and bathroom

  • TV with DVD player

  • Linen provided

The bus stop is a 10-minute walk; the closest train station is Valmontone between 30 -35 min by a bus ride from Olevano Romano and approx 55 min train journey to Rome.


*Please note there is no telephone or wifi in the apartment. Internet facilities are located at a nearby café

Compagnia Region

Compagnia Region

Compagnia Region
Regional Italy Including Olevano

Regional Italy Including Olevano

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Italy Food and Wine - Segni Chestnut Fair 2010

Italy Food and Wine - Segni Chestnut Fair 2010

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Elena and Valerio were lovely and we enjoyed our time with them both (Valerio on the last day).  Brenton enjoyed the experience in a little town as he hasn’t experienced that before.  We even rode donkeys in Elena’s town up the steep roads…that was hilarious!  I was ordering some coffee in a bar in town and the guy smirked cheekily as I was practising my limited Italian…then when he gave us the coffee, in perfect English he asked if it was too hot!  I had a laugh with him about my accent as I’m sure that didn’t help!


Vanessa & Brenton

Spent the past 3 days in a beautiful Italian town called Olevano Romano (thanks, Romina Izzo )

the real Italy… Only one complaint….. Steps, and steps oh and then hills and steps……

they have to use mules to get some of the building materials out of certain areas. The town is lovely and trying my hand at some Italian.

I love the language…


Carmel Murphy


Had a fantastic time in Olevarno Romano no one there spoke English, which meant I had to practice my Italian which was fun got everything that we wanted. The peaches plumbs etc were sooooooooo juicy tree ripened , All veg and fruit was so cheap and fresh , Oh and I got my jars of (TA tu fo) Truffle past YUM YUM . Loved the way they have mid-afternoon siesta love it , All shops shut people disappear then around 5 every one comes out to town square and card games kids playing elders in groups all chatting away ladies in there small groups chatting all getting on so well.

David Best

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