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Why choose Travel with a Twist™ for your next Company Incentive Reward Program?


Are you getting the most from your incentive/performance improvement program?


If your current program is not achieving all you think it should or you’re not using incentives at all you should be talking to us.

Incentive programs are one of the most effective marketing tools. They can motivate aid productivity, enhance employee engagement, bring about behavioural change and generate loyalty – often all at once.


And they can do all this at no overall cost to your business if you follow the rules.

Indeed, many users regard incentive programs as a profit centre in their own right.


At Travel with a Twist,™ we design incentive programs from scratch to achieve increased sales and/or profitability, better staff or reseller engagement, customer loyalty – and then work with you to launch and manage the program and provide the rewards.

Our comprehensive software, designed specifically for managing incentives, can provide all the information your participants need and management reports so you or your senior staff can track how everything is going.

Travel is by far the most popular/ motivating form of reward


Benefits for the sponsoring organisation are long-lived.

As professional Incentive Practitioners and members of the Incentive Association with many years of industry experience, we design programs that will work for you.


Our services Include

  • Professional planning

  • Research, budget/cost

  • Total coordination of the program

  • Creative/unique destinations to suit your budget

  • We can help increase your productivity

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