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So what are Executive Retreat's and why should you use them?


At Travel with a Twist,™ we have the luxury of working with many great organisations that are focussed on performance and are innovative in their approach to managing and maintaining year on year results.


Something that we are a big advocate of and have seen fantastic results from is The Executive Retreat.

This is where your executive management team are able to come together, decide on and, set the strategic vision for the year ahead.  plan implementation processes, decide on deliverables and reporting processes for the quarter half year or the year ahead.The focus of the retreat varies from vision/mission development and strategic goal setting to team building, depending on the issue most critical to the client.


Moving off-site and away from the business allows creativity and free flow thinking to hit a high point. Our clients report that performance lifts in the whole management team when experiencing one of our corporate retreats.


To get you motivated, below are some fabulous samples our

clients have raved about in the past:

Huka Lodge Taupo New Zealand
Maria Island Walk - Tasmania Australia
Cape Kidnappers - Golf Retreat New Zealand
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