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Travel with a Twist™  Local Treasures of Oman
Travel with a Twist TM

Travel with a Twist™ Local Treasures of Oman

Sometimes life throws you something really special along your way, for me it was the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of The Sultanate of Oman.


It's like walking into an old Arabian Hollywood movie!


The whole of Oman is a hidden jewel and not to be missed, it’s diversification is a breath of fresh air.  It’s magical to some and biblical to others, it’s respectful of all peoples, religion, cultures and proud of its ancient heritage


Whether you’re walking into a shop or visiting a heritage centre the Omani’s warm and welcoming hospitality is met with sweet Arabic coffee and delicious dates. It is probably one of the most fascinating countries I have ever visited and believe me, I’ve been extremely fortunate within my travel career to explore the world.


Words cannot describe the very mixed topography throughout the country…so instead, why not take you on a magical journey of discovery through the 5 videos I've added above to give you a true reflection of how amazing the Sultanate of Oman really is.


 I am also, extremely fortunate to have made some wonderful life-long friends who also share the passion for this beautiful country.

Through my personal contacts, we will tailor a unique an unforgettable jounery which I can honestly say will quite literally knock your socks off.  


Are you intrigued .. just a little ... then please, feel free to Click the enquire now if you'd like to schedule a call with me to discuss your Arabian adventure, I look forward to sharing this hidden gems with you!


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