'People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care'

'Take a glimpse at one of our latest sales incentives to Italy in the above video'

At times we all struggle with finding family or friends, that are available to travel at the same time or have similar interests?  

As solo travellers, we can miss out on the amazing experiences and fun that comes with travelling in a small group. Do you want to build new life-long friendships with like-minded people in a safe environment?


Do you want all of this but don't know where to start?


Well it's time for you to join the Twist Club, we match travellers of all ages, interests and...

Artisan Travel Experiences
What's the difference between a holiday and a
'once in a lifetime experience?' 

It's that giddy feeling you get when you know you have just witnessed or experienced something so special that it makes you feel like the luckiest person on earth.
I personally tailor these experiences based on you, your passions and adventure levels. Our network of dream makers all around the world unlocks truly remarkable once off experiences.
Corporate Incentives
How do the world's best companies increase revenue and profits by over 500%?
Utilise our extensive knowledge and knowhow to unlock the power of amazing group travel experiences as incentives and rewards that motivate and thank your most valuable clients and staff for helping you to achieve revenue and profits that catapult your organisation's success.
Travel Italy Like Never Before
Picture yourself immersed in the Italian culture you’re living it, breathing it, surrounded by ancient history and the food and wine transforms you to another place in time.
See the real Italy through the eyes of a local and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity you CAN NOT buy off the shelf! 
Health Retreats
Are you longing to unlock your inner light with an exclusive life changing spiritual and wellness experience?
We have access to the worlds best wellness practitioners, spiritual guides and wellness sanctuaries that will guide you to open and ignite your inner light. To experience true personal transformation you cannot afford to just leave things to chance.
School Groups
Do you want to offer your students an unbelievable opportunity to learn from the worlds best performance artists, build relationships lasting beyond school years and give them the pathway to knock on the doors of the West End and Broadway?
Join our growing number of amazing school groups that have unlocked future possibilities in the entertainment industry. 

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